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Charter responsibilities

NOVIS is fully aware of its responsibilities to the government, policyholders, the environment, business partners, and employees. It voluntarily adopts, and publicly announces the following commitments and declarations:

NOVIS, as a modern and transparent company, is committed to:

  • organizing its business activities to achieve above-average productivity leading to higher contributions to the state budget
  • developing products with such insurance coverage that will reduce the number of people in need of social assistance
  • not seeking state subsidies or tax breaks
  • increasing the region’s significance by creating a headquarter for its international activities in Bratislava, and creating jobs with high added value
  • responding effectively to the lessons of the last financial crisis and consistently applying them in practice

NOVIS, as a company that cares about the environment, is committed to:

  • introducing an environmentally friendly workplace and modern technology to reduce the volume of its employees’ travel
  • systematically using electronic technology to correspond with its clients and business partners, reducing paper-based communication
  • investing a portion of its investments in environmental projects
  • refraining from investing in companies and industries that harm the world's ecosystems
  • refraining from providing company cars to its employees

In regard to its business partners, NOVIS seeks to:

  • develop long-term strategic partnerships
  • employ officers and managers who are also shareholders, in the interest of the company’s long-term prosperity
  • focus on its prtners’ core competencies, and thereby support business opportunities for cooperating companies
  • negotiate fairly so as not to abuse its power as a financial institution
  • always offer competitive products, thereby creating a stable business environment for its partners

In regard to its employees, NOVIS seeks to:

  • maintain a flat organizational structure that will enable autonomous and accountable work
  • maintain a realistic long-term strategy that will, among other things, provide long-term job stability
  • establish fair and predictable financial rewards based on each individual’s contribution to the company
  • use a part of its profit to provide its employees with NOVIS shares
  • avoid insurance industry´s outdated rules

To its customers NOVIS insurance company is committed to:

  • offering only those products that undoubtedly provide value to its clients
  • developing products that can compensate for the weakened social support systems and looser family ties
  • transparently revealing the costs of its products and applying no hidden charges
  • providing, in clear and understandable language, its written policies and documents, including NOVIS’ General Terms and Conditions.
  • allowing clients to communicate directly with insurance experts instead of call centers