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NOVIS Insurance Company has achieved significant successes during its operation

  • We provide our clients with exceptional insurance utilizing 25+ significant innovations. According to feedback from our customers and business partners, it is the most interesting offer insurers have created in recent years.
  • NOVIS is an international insurance company based in Bratislava with clients in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Poland, Finland, Italy and Hungary. In the year 2018, we entered the markets in Sweden, Lithuania and Iceland.
  • Insurance from NOVIS is unique thanks to its range of insurance coverage, completely new investment options, incredible flexibility, liquidity and new forms of capital use.
  • With NOVIS, you can be sure that you and your family will be taken care of in case of an insured event, and you can manage your finances by favorable investment into internal funds of NOVIS (NOVIS Insurance Funds). All of this is possible with a single insurance contract that you can modify at any time without unnecessary fees.
  • The range of offered Insurance Funds available in one insurance contract are specially designed to provide the best risk diversification, thereby making Wealth Insuring the world's unique retail product.
  • The coverage includes insurance in case of death, illness and surgery (including critical illness, surgeries, hospitalization and inability to work) as well as full coverage for accidents (including death by accidents, permanent consequences of accidents, and a daily benefit during the treatment period for small accidents).
  • Each new client receives a NOVIS Loyalty Bonus in the amount specified in the respective General Terms and Conditions.


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NOVIS insurance contracts allow an unlimited number of insureds to be covered in each contract including family members as well as unrelated partners, and is designed for people of all ages. Attractiveness of the product for certain ages requires proper setting of the insurance contract parameters by the financial intermediary.
Given that life situations and policyholders’ priorities can change over time, each element of NOVIS’ policies can be changed or adapted throughout the term of the policy. Certain limitations and/or rules for the changes may apply according to the General Terms and Conditions of your contract.
NOVIS has eliminated many of the outdated and unnecessary rules of premium payments and replaced them with flexible payment options allowing the policyholder alone to decide when and how much premium to pay. The policyholder’s only obligation is to pay the agreed upon minimum contribution.
Any payments made in excess of the agreed minimum are invested on behalf of the policyholder in full, resulting in higher potential yields.
Acquisition costs apply only to the agreed minimum payments, not to one-off payments. NOVIS manages its funds internally, alleviating the cost of external fund management. NOVIS insurance is easily adaptable, free of charge, to changes in life situations that traditionally have required entering into new insurance contracts with additional acquisition costs. If the change of contract requires an increase of the agreed premium, acquisition costs may be increased as well, although this increase would be significantly lower compared to acquisition costs of a new contract.
NOVIS provides a one hundred percent capital guarantee for the entire duration of the insurance contract for the net invested amount in this Insurance Fund. Moreover, this fund includes positive appreciation each month which will be published on our website at the end of each calendar year for the next calendar year.
We invest the resources of this fund into stock ETFs (Exchange Trade Funds), which are particular types of funds traded on stock markets whose investment objective is to replicate a benchmark stock index.
We invest the resources of this fund into gold ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) copying the changes in the price of gold although we do not invest in physical gold or other precious metals.
NOVIS will in the future support promising companies from the means of this fund in the form of participating in their share capital or in the form of equity financing. Policyholders would benefit directly from the growth of value of these companies, by investing their financial means in a way that is similar to private equity investors. At the moment, we invest in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) replicating indices of listed private equity companies or in funds supporting investments in less developed parts of the world.
We invest the resources of this fund primarily in financial instruments linked with the real estate sector such as ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) investing in covered bonds issued by financial institutions financing the real estate sector, real estate funds, corporate bonds dedicated to financing of real estate projects, mortgage bonds and in other financial instruments which are secured by loans or the value of which applies to real estate development.
We invest the resources of this fund into one or several Family Office Funds. Family Office funds are alternative investment funds for qualified investors that may significantly invest in non-listed financial instruments and various assets. Family Office Funds have a long-term tendency to grow but may experience a fall (depreciation in value) during a short to medium time period. In addition, it is possible to invest into investment tools which have their investment policy oriented toward long-term and stable value growth (for example the investment policies of private universities in the USA).
We invest the assets of this insurance fund mainly into shares of the investment fund called Wealth Fund introduced by Mahrberg Wealth AG. The Wealth Fund is a Luxembourg investment fund with several sub- funds. The goal of the investment policy of this insurance fund is to earn an investment return above the return that can be achieved by investing in an equity index.
We invest the assets of this fund into alternative investment funds focused mainly on arbitrage trading and providing of computing capacity.
The NOVIS Survival Bonus is available to policyholders who choose to increase significantly their earnings and who do not have anyone to inherit the balance of their insurance account after they pass away. The NOVIS Survival Bonus is allocated monthly to the policyholders who have chosen this option. Its value is calculated from the balance of insurance contracts of policyholders who opted in for the NOVIS Survival Bonus who passed away during the previous month. Each participating policyholder receives part of it, while higher age and higher balance of the insurance account leads to higher value of the bonus.
When an insured suffers an accident, NOVIS will provide the claim compensation based on the type and severity of the accident and its consequences. Insurance coverage includes accidental death, permanent consequences of an accident as well as a daily allowance during the duration of the essential treatment.
The NOVIS Event of Illness policy is a supplement to NOVIS policyholders’ mandatory health insurance, and is paid out in cash with no restrictions on its use. This insurance is valid worldwide.
A policyholder may, at any time and irrespective of his/her age, have all or part of his/her accumulated savings converted into a pension. Insurance coverage continues even once pension payments have commenced.
The policyholder may elect to include other insureds in his/her policy. In addition to insuring him or herself, the policyholder may elect to provide pension coverage for others, including a spouse, children, and parents.
NOVIS Insurance Company provides for the insured to obtain additional pension payments should the insured require nursing care. The Nursing Care Pension’s initial annuity is lower than the standard life annuity. However, should the insured require nursing care, the monthly annuity will be adequately increased.
Every NOVIS insurance policy automatically provides the possibility of financial planning for children’s expenses, including a wide array of insurance coverages, scholarships and dowry funds.
Should the policyholder find him or herself in a period of financial difficulty in which he/she is not able to pay the agreed minimum premiums, he/she can convert it into a paid up state (conditions to do so are stated in the respective General Terms and Conditions). In such cases, the policy remains in effect and the coverage continues. If the policyholder does not fulfill the conditions of converting the contract into a paid up state, he/she can also ask to lift the obligation to pay the premium for up to 6 months (subject to confirmation by NOVIS).
The NOVIS system allows policyholders to seek advance cash payment at any time. The remaining cumulative value of an insured’s account and all benefits accruing therefrom remain unchanged. The policyholder him or herself determines the method and deadline for repayment of advances.
Policyholders can partially surrender their account without termination of coverage. After the minimum policy holding period has passed, partial surrender can be incurred even without penalty. Coverage continues following partial surrender. Certain limitations and/or rules for the exercising of this right may apply according to the General Terms and Conditions of your contract.

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