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Annual growth

Challenge that led to the founding of NOVIS


The 2008 financial crisis revealed that complex financial products are often unduly risky, and difficult for the investing public to understand. They can even endanger the stability of the world’s financial system.


NOVIS was founded in 2012 with the sole focus of solving these fundamental problems within the insurance industry. The company set out to create genuinely innovative products based on a novel business model.

Unburdened by legacy product constraints, NOVIS was able to direct all efforts towards exploiting new business opportunities.

Since then, NOVIS has evolved tremendously and continues to expand internationally. In addition to fast growth, NOVIS was profitable from the first year.

In all countries where NOVIS operates, it has been able to win over distribution partners interested in the uniqueness of its product offering.

Evolution of NOVISLAND

11 countries
Countries NOVIS operates in
Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Czech Republic
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Positive financial results are based on a combination of factors:

1. Ability to fully concentrate on a novel and profitable product without the burden of legacy product problems.

2. Very strong fixed cost degression by operating out of only one headquarter for all European markets.

100 % growth year over year

Total income (millions in euros)
Total income (millions in euros)

return on equity

Yearly gross profit divided by equity
Yearly gross profit divided by equity


25 inovations

Product Innovations

Wealth Insuring

is NOVIS’ unique life insurance product. Individual contracts are always concluded for whole life and represent a universal financial vehicle. Wealth Insuring captures potentially everything one could need in the area of personal insurance and long-term saving.

Wealth Insuring incorporates 25 innovations (previously unavailable on the insurance market). They can be grouped into five equally important pillars.

NOVIS tries to capture market opportunities wherever they may arise.

The first example is Hungary, where in 2014 a very attractive tax support regime for life insurance was introduced. NOVIS adapted its basic product in such a way that it fulfils all tax requirements and achieved a high market share.

The latest success story arrives from Iceland, where NOVIS started in February 2018 and within only half a year has become the dominant market player for new life insurance contracts.

Compliant with heavy regulation and as a result, provided with a European passport to 31 countries

NOVIS interacts with financial regulators in every country where it operates.
Its homeland regulator is the National Bank of Slovakia.

Over the first 5 years, NOVIS had been audited by PwC and Mazars.

The solvency ratio at the end of 2017 was 135 %, and is steadily improving as a result of its novel product concept and business model.

Regulatory compliance with:

European Directive for the Insurance Industry (Solvency II), and all national implementations

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC)

Consumer Protection in the Financial Service Industry

General Data Protection Regulation

NOVIS Pentagon
of innovations

NOVIS Pentagon of innovations


Anytime access to saved capital without having to terminate the contract.

Various ways of using saved capital

Including the possibility to transfer at any time all or part of the saved capital into a lifelong annuity for the policyholder or other persons.

Broad risk coverage

Biometrical risks demanded in a given market are provided, including coverage for death, health and injury, disability and/or retirement annuities (pensions).

New alternatives for saving

Including the possibility to transfer at any time all or part of the saved capital into a lifelong annuity for the policyholder or other persons.

Unusual flexibility

Many things that make sense, including biometrical risks, can be integrated. Nearly everything that is determined at the beginning of the contractual arrangement can be changed later on.

With innovation in its DNA, it is no surprise that NOVIS was the first insurance company to provide clients with an opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency arbitrage trading via insurance funds.


NOVIS’ ecosystem

NOVIS is one of the few private and independent insurance companies in Europe – independent in the sense that it is not part of a financial conglomerate. But in the case of NOVIS, independent does not mean standalone. On the contrary, NOVIS has developed an impressive and very diversified network of friends, supporters and business partners from over 20 countries in many different sectors.

The strength and support of this large ecosystem is the third reason for NOVIS’ success and high potential in addition to its product innovations and novel business model.

The several hundred members of its ecosystem come together each year at the NOVIS Sunset Event on the 21st of June.

Headquartered in Bratislava with insurance activities in 10 further markets via the principle of Freedom of Service or registered branches.

Sale of NOVIS’ insurance products are exclusively realized through independent brokers and advisory networks. When brokers/agents provide their objective analysis and advice, the unique features of NOVIS’ Wealth Insuring offer can be most readily appreciated by potential clients by comparing it with standard products on the market.

Management Board

NOVIS is led by its founder Siegfried Fatzi, who serves as Executive Chairman. He started an insurance company for the first time at age 33, and today draws on extensive experiences from involvement with seven insurance companies in six countries.

Slavomír Habánik serves as Chief Financial Officer and Vice Chairman. He is a young bank and private investment professional.

Rainer Alt is the third active member of the board and serves as Chief Insurance Officer. He is a trained actuary with 18 years of experience as an executive in the reinsurance industry.


There are currently 20+ shareholders spread over eight countries, including both private persons and legal entities. No majority shareholder exists, but the founder has held a significant stake since inception.

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