During the first year on the market, NOVIS Insurance Company reached significant achievements

  • NOVIS successfully launched insurance with 25 innovations, which, according to feedback from customers and business partners, is the most interesting offer that insurers have created in recent years.
  • Product “NOVIS Wealth Insuring” is being offered to customers in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. In Hungary NOVIS offers special pension insurance NOVUM PRO and NIVO II and exclusive insurance EVEREST PRO and EVEREST PRO PLUSZ for the most demanding clients.
  • With NOVIS you can be sure that in case of any insured event NOVIS will take care about you and your family. You can invest your savings (financial assets) into to our attractive insurance insurance funds thanks to one insurance contract, which can be changed by you anytime without any additional fees.
  • In all current markets, NOVIS continually grows thanks to the innovative solutions it brings to the people. It brings further improvements of the product to the clients. In 2016 NOVIS has started its operations in three more countries – Poland, Italy and Finland.
  • Our each new client who meets the conditions according to our GTC is entitled to NOVIS Loyalty Bonus in an amount of 1000 EUR.
  • To be a client by NOVIS means to live fully in the present.
  • Live HERE and NOW.


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NOVIS insurance contracts allow an unlimited number of insureds to be covered in each contract, may cover family members as well as unrelated partners, is designed for people of all ages, and is also beneficial for people over 50 years of age.
Given that life situations and policyholders’ priorities can change over time, each element of NOVIS’s policies can be changed or adapted throughout the term of the policy.
NOVIS has eliminated many of the outdated and unnecessary rules of premium payments and replaced them with flexible payment options allowing the policyholder alone to decide when and how much premium to pay. The policyholders only obligation is to pay the agreed upon minimum contribution.
Any payments made in excess of the agreed minimum are invested on behalf of the policyholder in full, resulting in higher yields and can reduce or eliminate the obligation to make regular payments .
Acquisition costs apply only to the agreed minimum payments, not to expedited payments NOVIS manages its funds internally, alleviating the cost of external fund management NOVIS insurance is easily adaptable, free of charge, to changed life situations that traditionally have required entering into new insurance contracts with additional acquisition costs.
The NOVIS Guaranteed Growth Insurance Fund guarantees a regular increase in value using a predetermined rate. That rate can change only once per year. Profits are credited monthly to the account of the insurance policy.
This NOVIS fund invests exclusively in exchange traded funds (ETF), which have much lower management costs than the types of funds commonly used by asset management companies and in which traditional insurance companies invest. The NOVIS ETF-Shares Insurance Fund relieves NOVIS clients from the burden of paying two separate fees.
The NOVIS World Gold Standard Insurance Fund invests in gold and financial instruments linked to gold. Policyholders can place their savings in gold without the usual losses associated with the buying and selling of gold.
The NOVIS Entrepreneurial Insurance Fund invests in promising companies in the CEE and in high yield corporate securities. The objective of this fund is to enable ordinary policyholders achieve yields similar to those achieved by large investors.
The NOVIS Mortgage Insurance Fund invests capital primarily in mortgage-secured loans and mortgage bonds. Mortgage interest payments accrue to the benefit of the policyholders.
The NOVIS Family Office Insurance Fund invests predominantly in investment vehicles which are run by asset management companies, which have extensive experience with the support of Family Offices.
The insurance company invests the Insurance Fund primarily in investment fund shares called Wealth Fund created by Mahrberg Wealth AG. The investment objective of the Insurance Fund is to gain return on investment, which is higher than the return from investing in the stock index.
Unlike traditional insurance products, NOVIS does not require the purchase of death coverage, also this is optional and not mandatory. Death coverage is only included in those policies explicitly providing therefore. All policies can at any time be amended to include this coverage.
The NOVIS BONUS for survival is available to policyholders who choose to increase significantly their earnings by naming NOVIS as their beneficiary (up to the beginning of the pension period). During the savings period, those policyholders receive a bonus, thereby increasing the value of their accounts. The NOVIS BONUS is allocated monthly to the policyholders who have chosen this option, pursuant to which they will receive a higher NOVIS pension.
When an insured suffers an accident, NOVIS will provide expedited financial payments even if the injuries are not permanent.
The NOVIS Event of Illness policy is a health insurance to supplement NOVIS policyholders’ mandatory health insurance, paid in cash with no restrictions on its use. This insurance is valid worldwide.
In the event of an insured’s suffering a disability, NOVIS’s disability insurance pays fixed monthly amounts. Eligibility for disability insurance is reviewed independently by medical experts and can be awarded even if the disability is not recognized by state social welfare agencies.
A policyholder may, at any time and irrespective of his or her age, have all or part of their accumulated savings converted into a pension. Insurance coverage continues even once pension payments has commenced.
The policyholder may elect to include other insureds in his policy. In addition to insuring him or herself, the policyholder may elect to provide pension coverage for others, including a spouse, children, and parents.
NOVIS insurance company provides for insureds to obtain additional pension payments should an insured requires nursing care. The Nursing Care Pension’s initial annuity is lower than the standard life annuity. However, should the insured require nursing care, the monthly annuity will be adequately increased.
NOVIS insurance provides policy holders the opportunity to exchange the value of their real estate property for a pension for life while retaining a perpetual life estate in the property.
Every NOVIS insurance policy automatically provides the possibility of financial planning for children’s expenses, including a wide array of insurance coverage, and scholarship and dowry funds.
Should the policyholder find him or herself in a period of financial difficulty in which he or she is not able to pay the agreed minimum premiums, the policy remains in effect and the coverage continues.
The NOVIS system allows policyholders to seek advance cash payment at any time. The remaining cumulative value of an insured’s account and all benefits accruing therefrom remains unchanged. The policyholder him or herself determines the method and deadline for repayment of advances.
NOVIS provides its policyholders with credit cards. The card’s credit limit increases automatically with the growth of a policyholders account. Policyholders receive a bonus credited to their insurance account when using the NOVIS credit card.
Policyholders can partially redeem their account without termination of coverage. After the minimum policy holding length has passed, partial redemption can be incurred even without penalty Coverage continues following partial redemption.
Long-term policyholders may obtain a loan from NOVIS, in an amount based on a formula taking into account the value of policyholder’s account, the premium, and the then existing amount of coverage.

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